Riders Pick Top Places to Visit in 2015

Riders Pick Top Places to Visit in 2015

As we settle comfortably into 2015, we’re reminded that a new year means time to discover a new destination. But as we daydream about the next great trip, we began to wonder, what cities do you want to discover this year?  In true Amtrak fashion, instead of wondering we asked on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Here’s what you had to say.

Charlotte, NC
Maybe it’s because it’s a big city with small town charm or because Tamara of Blitz and Glam gave us all of these great recommendations. But Amtrak fans on Facebook said Charlotte is one charming southern city they want to visit this year. Served by our Crescent and Carolinian/Piedmont routes, Charlotte is a great place for a weekend getaway, solo adventure or family-friendly day trip.

Downtown San DiegoSan Diego
Not sure if we should thank the foodies, the winos or the California dreamers for this one. But it’s as clear as the Golden State’s blue skies that San Diego is a bucket list city to visit for many. And we get it. It’s America’s Finest City, it has three Amtrak routes and umpteenth places to grab a good meal. Memory makers take head, San Diego is waiting for you.

Sounds like traveling beyond your comfort zone is a New Year resolution for some, because a trip to Vermont made the list for our readers. Nuzzled up in New England and served by our recently expanded Vermonter, Vermont is perfect for those who want to escape the city or begin a digital detox. Bundle up if you’re taking the trip this winter or wait till the temperatures rise to explore the warmer side of the Green Mountain State, either way a pleasant journey lies ahead.

Washington, DC
The District
makes it on the list for a second consecutive year. It’s no surprise to us, after all it’s a historical hotspot. But if you’re ready to discover a new side of DC it’s ready for you. As an emerging foodie and craft beer city, our nation’s capital is a little gem waiting to be explored by you. We have 8 routes that travel to DC and we’d love to see you on one of them.

A beautiful southern city that oozes history and character, that’s just a snippet of why Amtrak riders have Savannah on their mind. Grab a seat in coach or stretch out in a roommate then slow it down as we take you to eastern Georgia. Not sure what to do when you get there, just read Autumn Van Gunten’s recommendations.

As the second city to make the list two years in a row, our Amtrak fans are showing some serious love for Seattle. You know we don’t play city favorites but we do know the Pacific Northwest is worth exploring. Tons of sights to see, sports and outdoor adventures, why wouldn’t you want your next Amtrak adventure to start in the Emerald City?

Auto Train
Trains and cars go together and our Auto Train is proof of that. Whether you’re traveling north or south, the perk of traveling with your car rather in your car is let’s just face it, kind of cool. This one-of-a-kind way to travel has been taking riders up and down the east coast since 1983 and this year will be no different. Need more information on how to plan this car friendly trip? Just read on.

Philly Skyline via The Philadelphia ZooPhiladelphia
Home to cheesesteaks, The Roots and Rocky Balboa, Philly is another oldie but goodie city to visit in 2015. It’s great for a solo time and family fun, just ask Philadelphia local Leslie of And Her Little Dog Too. This year, don’t just pass through the City of Brotherly Love, stay for a festival, visit the zoo or rediscover some history. All things are possible after you book your Amtrak ticket to Philly.

Kansas City
This list would not be complete without some love to the Midwest. Kansas City, here we come! KC had a great 2014 and looks like Amtrak riders are riding that wave all the way to 2015. A promising baseball season and some love from a transportation guru makes this city worth the ride. Don’t sleep on this thriving city, make a weekend of it. We’ll drive.

Last but not least, the most popular destination for 2015 chosen by you, is anywhere you want to go. Create your own Amtrak adventure like these riders or close your eyes and pick any one of our 500 destinations to visit this year. Wherever you choose be ready to enjoy an epic journey.

Have you planned out your first 2015 rail adventure? Let us know in the comment section below.