Traveling Photographer Brian Green's Epic Amtrak Adventure

unnamed (2)While scrolling through Instagram the other day, we discovered the work of traveling photographer Brian William Green whose gorgeous photos really stood out. Curious, we reached out to the talented photog to learn more about his creative Amtrak adventure.

Amtrak: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.
Brian Green: I am a traveling photographer. My work focuses on capturing moments that give a look into peoples’ day to day lives. More specifically, I am interested in creating work that reflects on existence. I am not really seeking out a bigger picture with people other than the moment they give me in their passing. That is enough for me.

Why did you decide to take Amtrak across the country?
I am currently attending the School of the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston. While everyone else went home for winter break I decided to travel to make this monograph. The project is titled “Passing Through.” I traveled for 30 days, using 15 trains to explore the country, documenting the people and places along the way.

unnamed (4)How did you decide your route?
I planned my route a ticket at a time, which was a little tricky during the holiday season since I was using a rail pass, but I did it this way so I could change course at any given moment if needed.

 Where did you go on Amtrak?
Boston > New York > Clemson > Washington, DC > Pittsburgh > Chicago > St. Paul > Portland, OR > Seattle > San Francisco > Denver > Chicago > New York > Boston

What were your favorite parts of the journey?
The California Zephyr train route. All the tunnels and gorgeous views made for a lovely trip, to put it mildly.

unnamed (3)What did photographing people and views on Amtrak tell you about America? Train travel? The people and places on the trip were very similar; you have small towns, big towns and an array of empty places in between. The locations mirror the people. They are from all over and looking for their own things out of this journey, but still we are all on this trip together. That’s how I see life in some ways. Every place may be new, but it’s all part of the same journey through life. It brings everything full circle.

It seems as though Brian’s trip was the perfect combination of creativity, adventure, and memory-making to last a lifetime. Plan your own Amtrak adventure today — and don’t forget to tag us #Amtrak!