Your Top Amtrak Stories of 2014

The year is almost over, so what better time to take a ride down 2014 memory lane? We shared some great stories with you and each time it was reminder of why we love taking you where you want to go. Here are some of our top stories from 2014:

wineRail Stories
It was a great year for Amtrak Stories. Our riders travel for all types of reasons and the stories we see are one-of-kind and quite frankly, awesome. Remember Wen and Chris’s adventure, #CoffeeConvos and Stranger on the Train?

Back in March we gathered tech innovators, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders to travel from Los Angles to Austin with us on the Southwest Chief for South by Southwest. It was a memorable first. Here’s video proof.

Amtrak Residency
In September, we announced our Amtrak Residency writers. If you’re a frequent Amtrak blog reader, then you know our Amtrak Residency journey started in March with over 16,000 submissions. One semi-final round and judging panel later, our 2014 residency writers were revealed.

Train Manners II
Once again, tons of riders chimed in with gentle tips for #TrainManners. From not hogging both outlets to being patient and enjoying the journey, this was one of your favs and one of ours too.

Southwest Chief MealAcela Express
We’ve featured our Acela Express a few times this year. Whether it was unknown facts, seven reasons why it’s a great travel choice, or Acela perks, it was a great year for our country’s high speed rail.

Meals on the Rails
It’s no surprise we love talking about food.  We highlighted our top meals on long-distance service and the Amtrak foodies responded.

These were some of our top stories of 2014, but now we want to hear from you. Tell us your favorite stories of 2014 in the comment section below.