Train Manners Part II


Amtrak riders travel for all sorts of reasons; trips to the big game, headed back to college, the daily commute, and so on. But one thing is constant, train manners matter. In an effort to limit the side eyes and long sighs (yea we all do it),we once again asked the Amtrak audience from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to give us their top #TrainManners. Here’s what they said:

  1. Bags belong in the racks above your seat, not on the seat next to you.
  2. The quiet car should maintain a library-like atmosphere. All the time.
  3. Be cordial to your fellow riders.
  4. Don’t hog the power outlets. Sharing is caring.
  5. Remember that not everyone likes the same music, headphones please.
  6. If you are going to travel for three days on the train, re-apply deodorant daily.
  7. Talk quietly on your cell phone. And if possible keep it on vibrate.
  8. Bring lots of activities for the kiddies.Quiet Car
  9. Be aware of the subjects you discuss on the train. Yes, your seatmates can hear everything, and are likely tweeting about it.
  10. Be patient, after all it’s about the journey.
  11. If you step off for a smoke break, don’t smoke in front of the door.
  12. When people are boarding the train, don’t lay across both seats so they don’t sit with you.
  13. Leave the shoes on, five hours of smelly feet isn’t fun for anyone.
  14. Knock before entering the bathroom.
  15. Always lock the bathroom door…always.
  16. Smile, it’s Monday for everyone.
  17. Don’t clip your nails on the train.
  18. Use your indoor voice.
  19. Don’t congregate between cars.
  20. Relax and enjoy the view.


Now that we know the top twenty Train Manners, let’s all make Train Manners a big deal. After all, we’re all in this together.

Did we miss any good train manners? Let us know in the comment section below.