Our 5 Most Popular Stories of 2016

Our 5 Most Popular Stories of 2016

Amtrak's Next Generation High-Speed Trainsets

Next Generation High Speed Rail

Earlier this year Amtrak announced we would be welcoming the next-generation of high-speed rail in 2021, and the news quickly became our most clicked on headline of the year. The new trains are part of a multi-faceted modernization program that will result in an improved customer experience along the entire Northeast Corridor.

Amtrak Adventures: National Park Centennial

Many of you added “visit a national park by train” to your bucket list when we shared that 260 national park lands, monuments and historic sites are accessible by Amtrak. Check out what Rachel had to say about her “Trails and Rails” experience.

Fast Trains, Meet Faster Wi-Fi

In the fall, Amtrak announced an upgrade to our free Wi-Fi service on-board the Acela Express featuring speeds up to 6x faster than before. Today, 28 million passengers (more than 90%!) have access to FREE wireless service on our trains nationwide.

Pets Welcome Aboard Amtrak

After a successful pilot, Amtrak welcomed small dogs and cats on even more of our rail system. Check out Hannah and Luke’s story of becoming Amtrak regulars with their dog, Boshi.

Meet Our New National Magazine

One of your favorite announcements this year was the release of our new on-board magazine, The National, which includes a wide array of stories, including travel essays, fiction, poetry, and original photography. Check out a few of our favorites stories from 2016.

Which other Amtrak stories top your list this year? Share your favorites in the comments below.