Amtrak Pets: Meet Hannah, Luke and Boshi

Amtrak Pets: Meet Hannah, Luke and Boshi

The first time Hannah Berkman brought her dog, Boshi, on Amtrak, it was as a surprise for her mother’s birthday weekend. That first trip, just weeks after Amtrak announced its pet program in 2015, went smoothly, and now, more than a year later, Hannah, her fiancé Luke Erickson, and Boshi are regulars on the Northeast Corridor.

“[Amtrak’s pet program] has changed the way I travel,” said Hannah.

Take Your Small Dog or Cat with You on Select Trains

Amtrak passengers Luke, Hannah, and Boshi.

An Easy Option for Four-Legged Friends

Since its creation, more than 15,000 pets have boarded Amtrak trains as part of our popular pet program. Today, more passengers are finding that it’s not only a more economical option than boarding their pets, it’s also a chance to include beloved companions in the fun of a vacation or weekend getaway.

Booking a ticket for companion animals is easy—and cheap. Pets ride for just $25 for each travel segment.

“Once I book my ticket. I’ll call the Amtrak reservation line and ask them to add Boshi to my trip,” Hannah said. “On the day of my trip, I just bring her to the ticket counter in her carrier. Amtrak employees are always excited to see her.”

Take Your Small Dog or Cat with You on Select Trains

Station to Station Support

Although having your pet by your side is reassuring, the addition of a pet carrier can be a lot to juggle. “It’s a testament to how easy it is that the biggest challenging of bringing Boshi on Amtrak is a heavier bag. Carrying a dog, plus your luggage, can be a lot, especially if you’re traveling alone,” said Hannah.

That’s where Amtrak’s free Red Caps come in.

“Sometimes I ask a Red Cap employee to help me bring my luggage and Boshi onboard. It’s a great service that I rely on.”

Once aboard the train, pets are treated just like any other passenger. The conductor will come by and ask to see tickets for both humans and their pet. Pet carriers must be able to slide under the seat, or sit under the feet of their owners.

Hannah says other passengers often don’t even realize Boshi is traveling with her, although she always alerts potential seatmates to her travel companion in case there are allergies.

Once she arrives at her destination, she and Boshi are relaxed and ready for their next adventure. “I get off the train on the other end of my journey and it’s smooth sailing.”

Tips for Traveling with Pets on Amtrak

There are a few things to know about bringing pets on board Amtrak:

  • Each passenger may only book one small cat or dog.
  • Pets must remain inside their carrier while in stations and on-board trains.
  • The maximum combined weight of pet and carrier must be no more than 20 pounds.

And as always, Amtrak continues to welcome service animals on board at no charge. For more information about the Amtrak pet policy, visit

Have you traveled with your pet on Amtrak? Share your tips for making the journey with your furry companion.