6 Reasons to Plan a Group Getaway

6 Reasons to Plan a Group Getaway

Whether you’re planning a girl’s weekend, school trip or a family reunion, Amtrak group travel is an instant memory maker. Plus, it’s the easiest way to travel with large groups because not only do we do the driving for you, but there’s plenty of gorgeous #AmtrakViews to enjoy together along the way with tasty meals, drinks and much more. Here are the top 6 reasons why riders use Amtrak for group travel:

1) School trips: We can take students to many historic and educational sites across America the Beautiful. Plus, our Trails and Rails program on select routes really makes history come alive. Amtrak is a great choice for your child’s next field trip. Don’t forget the student discount!

2) Corporate retreats: The retreat starts as soon as you step on the train. Bond with coworkers, get work done, or just relax and enjoy the ride. Take us from DC to NY for that next big meeting, or ride across the plains to Montana for a retreat.

3) Family reunions and travel: Headed to your hometown for a big family reunion over BBQ? Or how about traveling to the natural beauty of Glacier National Park with the cousins? We make getting there half the fun.

4) Association travel: Are you part of a historical association? Philanthropy organization? Bird watching club? Whatever your interest, we can take you to your next meeting or adventure.

5) Sports teams: Whether you’re an MLB or Little League player, taking the train is always a home run with Amtrak. Go over the playbook while resting in your comfy seat, and store your gear with our generous baggage policy.

6) Special occasions: Life has lots of milestones. Whether it’s weddings, graduations, seeing new members of the family, or funerals, we can make getting to life’s events easier by allowing you to prepare for the event while we do the driving.

Intrigued? Here’s more info to make the case for why group travel on Amtrak is the only way to go:

If you’re planning an Amtrak trip, keep in mind groups of 20 or more may be eligible for discounts*. You can book trips up to 11 months in advance. But a minimum of four business days in advance of the departure date. If you’re traveling with minors, we require a minimum of one designated chaperone for every six minors in your group. Pre-boarding, an exclusive train car (for additional fee and if the group is larger enough to occupy an entire car) and a designated train car attendant on select departures, are just a few of the other Amtrak group travel perks.

Ready? Let’s ride! After you have confirmed the required number of travelers and a plan of where you want us to take you, then head over to complete our Group Travel Request Form. Not a fan of online forms? You can send an email here or call 1-800-USA-1GRP (1-800-872-1477) to speak with a representative.

*Our group discounts are not available on every route, so make sure to ask about available discounts when booking your trip.