Recently, we had the privilege of taking USA Warriors Hockey Program members, Christina Gardner and John Giasullo, to Washington, DC to participate in the USA Warriors Game Powered by Amtrak. The USA Warriors Game, which took place on the same ice as the NHL Winter Classic, worked to honor wounded military personnel and their service to our country. During the ride to Washington, DC, we chatted with the first time riders to see how they were enjoying the trip.

Amtrak: What did you like most about taking the train to the game?
Christina: There was so much space. I usually fly so to have all the leg room and room for luggage was great. It was also awesome to have outlets, wifi and cell service so I could keep in touch with everyone while I traveled.
John: The ease of access and how simple the boarding procedures were really made this easy on all of us. The staff was very accommodating and helped us with all of our equipment and bags.

IMG_4049Athletes need to relax before any big game. What was your favorite Amtrak perk that helped you unwind?
Christina: Definitely the leg room and ability to move about the car. Traveling is so exhausting and I always get stiff from sitting on the plane so to have all the space was great.
John: The free WiFi was great so I could continue to work on school and stay connected with the family and keep them updated on the trip.

Amtrak travels to lots of sport cities across the country. What are some of your favorite sport cities to travel to?
Christina: I love Tampa, Boston, and Colorado Springs. Boston is my favorite of course, seeing as I’m a huge Bruins fan and it’s just a great city.
John: Obviously my favorite sport city is Boston, but I may be a little biased. Behind that I would have to say Philadelphia and Washington DC.

What’s the farthest you’ve traveled to either play or watch a game?
In the U.S.,  the farthest is Colorado Springs to the Olympic Training Center there. One of my bucket list goals is to see every state though and I’m about 9 short so far so I’ve got a little bit of traveling to do still.
John: I have routinely traveled to watch and play hockey in Sunrise, Florida, and Washington, DC for hockey.

Whether you’re traveling as a spectator or an athlete, we love being your ride to the game. We’re pleased to support the military veterans.