College Football Season Amtrak Style

Rivalry Train DestinationThe fall semester is in full swing which means it’s college football season! Whether your an undergrad trying to make it to your school’s rivalry game or a dedicated alum headed back to your alma mater, we’ve got your travel needs covered. Want to travel with a group to the big game? We’ve got room for all of you and even some space for fans of the opposing team.  The best part? We handle all of the driving so your tailgate doesn’t have to wait!

Not from a big football school, but still want to experience a college football rivalry firsthand? Here’s a list of the top college rivalries serviced by Amtrak. So book your ticket, grab your letter sweater and head to the game!

5. University of Michigan vs. Michigan State
This #AmtrakRivalry is so intense it had its own train last year. The two schools battle it out every year, but both are winners in our book since each school is served by  its own Amtrak route.

4. University of California, Los Angeles vs University of Southern California
You don’t even have to leave Los Angeles city limits to experience the intensity of this crosstown rivalry. Not from LA? No problem! We’ve got four long distance routes that will drop you in the heart of the city and folks coming from San Diego for the big game can enjoy the ocean views from the Pacific Surfliner before hitting the tailgate.

3. Oklahoma University vs. University of Texas
They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this #AmtrakRivalry is no different. Austin, Texas, home of the hook ’em Horns, is on one of our longest routes, the Texas Eagle, which travels from Chicago all the way to LA. But the Sooners at Oklahoma University in Norman, OK, will not be out done. Their route, the Heartland Flyer, experienced record ridership growth last year!

2. University of Oregon vs. Oregon State
This #AmtrakRivalry gets its kicks on the Cascades route which connects the rival towns of Eugene, Ore., home the of University of Oregon Ducks, and Albany, Ore., of Oregon State. Luckily for these schools, the views are so awesome along the route, that passengers might not even notice their rivals are onboard.

1. Alabama vs. Auburn
Our #AmtrakRivalry list wouldn’t be complete without calling out the Crimson Tide of Tuscaloosa, Ala. Not only does our Crescent route serve the town, you can see the stadium from your seat on the train. Roll Tide!

Is there an #AmtrakRivalry we missed? Les us know in the comment section below.