The #CoffeeConvos

Earlier this summer, we started seeing #CoffeeConvos napkin quotes pop up on Twitter. And quite frankly, it caught our eye. So in typical Amtrak fashion, we reached out. And that’s when we met, Elizabeth, a Capitol Corridor Amtrak commuter with a creative and cool story.

Amtrak: What prompted you to start #CoffeeConvos?
Elizabeth: It was just a random idea I had, because I kept thinking about the conversations you have around morning coffee. I work long hours and have a long commute; I know so many people can relate to that. On Amtrak, it’s easy to start conversations with people you see every day.

Amtrak: How do you come up with the quotes you share?
It’s from conversations I hear or have with fellow riders on the train. Sometimes just inspirational quotes that fit the day. When you’re on the train, you’re not alone for the ride. It brings people together and you build relationships. It’s been kind of fun. Some people are ending their trip, other times it’s just fellow commuters talking about what’s going on for the day. And then sometimes, you hear crazy and wild conversations that just can’t be ignored.

Amtrak: What do you do with the napkins after you get to your destination?
I used to take the napkin quotes with me. But in the last month, I began leaving the napkins on the table in hopes that people would find it. At first, I was worried it might come across as littering, but then thought of it as passing the conversation on.

Amtrak: We know you travel for work, but do you also take Amtrak for pleasure?
Mainly work. But I have been on the California Zephyr for pleasure. It’s a whole other experience by train.  I sometimes take my family to Jack London Square in Oakland on the train during the weekends and our kids get a kick out of it. My commute is so enjoyable, that I can even travel on a Saturday with my family. I’m really a big fan of traveling that way as often as possible.

Amtrak: What’s the best thing about taking the train?
 Being on the train and being able to work is a plus. If I drive, my commute is about two hours long. I started taking the train to save time because lost time is the worst feeling. I get so much done and am able to work personal projects, too. That time is so valuable.

Amtrak: What would you say to someone who has never taken the train?
Elizabeth: I really recommend that people take the train if they have a train near them. To take Amtrak, it’s just a quality of life difference.

We couldn’t agree more. Do you have a unique Amtrak story to share? Leave us a comment below or find us in the socialsphere.