5 Steps to E-Voucher Happiness

Amtrak Ticket

Want some news you can use? Here's the quick, easy way to redeem your eVoucher!

eVouchers are electronic certificates that hold value for Amtrak travel. You may receive an eVoucher if you have to cancel an existing reservation, if you downgrade a reservation or if you fail to make your train. If you have an eVoucher that is burning a hole in your pocket here is how you can redeem for future Amtrak travel:

1. Check your e-mail
When an eVoucher is created at the ticket counter, you will receive an eVoucher receipt printed on ticket stock and may request an e-mail notification. For eVouchers created over the phone or on Amtrak.com, you will receive an e-mail notification only. Either way, check your inbox.

2. Print it out (or not!)
eVouchers are awesome because their value is linked to the eVoucher number, not to a specific sheet of paper. For example, if the paper receipt or e-mail printout is lost or misplaced, you can just print another one!

3. Plan your trip
We have more than 500 destinations across the country. If you have an eVoucher, don't hold back! Go see somewhere you've never seen before. Maybe LA? North Carolina? Seattle? Just make sure to travel within a year of receiving your eVoucher.

4. Go to Amtrak.com
You can book all your travel and use your eVoucher on Amtrak.com but not on the mobile app. So be sure to go to the website when you're booking your travel, even if you're doing it from your smartphone. All you need is your eVoucher number. So easy, right?

5. Pack your bags
Now that you've used your eVoucher toward your next trip, you'll be issued an eTicket for your journey. That ticket includes a QR tag that can be lifted straight from your cell phone while onboard or you can print it out before you leave for the station.


I scheduled my trip on the TX Eagle for 22 Nov to return 18 Dec and be home on 20 Dec and have  printed copy of my ticket. Do I take it as is on the train or make it into due tan actual train ticket prior to boading? Just wondering because after over 15 round trips by myself and numerous others with my kids and grandkdis-I never see or hear consistency even from one station to the next. Why can't we go up to the designated track and get on early to avoid the last minute cattlecar made rush where cranky tired kids and disabled old people get crushed in the hurry being rushed in the train at the last minute.  ? It seems so silly that once I get to the Los Angeles station approx. 12:30 I end up sitting around bored out of my mind waiting for it to be 8pm just to get on line to get assigned seats and then sit around till 10pm doing nothing and suddenly being crushed in a last minute race to the seats and people falling and dropping things-kids crying and older people being knocked over as they try to board esp in wheelchairs or other disabilities. I used to just see the train and ask crew crews where TX Eagle was and go up to crew after seeing seat numbers and tell them where I was and did others and the other benefit was-that many less passengers to have to guide through the crush. One trip-the crews in the hallway assigning seats took 1 part of the ticket and the people boarding us took the other half-as I said no consistency so we never questioned it. Then the crews tried to check our tickets only to have everyone honestly say they did not have one due to the station people taking both parts. Next station no one gets assigned seats so everyone confused because we thought all seats reserved to a set seat.  . Biggest problem is constant overcrowding because of overbooking which is a dumb idea that always causes trouble and people getting onboard at 2-5am and waking everyone demanding a seating arrangement that they feel they can order others to move to different seats-disabled car people try to get seats that accommodate their disability to avoid DVTs etc. One lady got on at about 2-3am after being told to just have herself and  friend sit together.  2 of us had leg surgery and had to keep leg elevated to avoid DVTs-they assigned these 2 latecomers to sit one by me and the other right in front of us-she whined and carried on so much-crew got mad and should have dumped them but instead asked me to join other lady with leg problem and in severe pain-so I ended up going to try to sleep in cosmetic/bathroom and could not. Finally went to the floor behind last seat with all the luggage and tried to rest-only ended up bruised and more leg pain. People getting on that late should be put in another car in the disabled  car . Had to call doctor for extra meds and apt as a result. By the way the troublemaker was miraculously healed as soon as she won all the changes she wanted as everyone elses's expense.  Only sell enough tickets for the people riding-we can't afford to buy 2 seats but medical problems require a little extra space to elevate limbs or for medical supplies.  One trip entire cars remained empty with people all crowded from Los Angeles to San Antonio where finally people boarded and had so much stuff that the crew was throwing those people's stuff in our car and blocked wheelchairs and made walking a major problem for disabled passengers trying to get to the restroom. People could have sat comfortably in those cars and disembarked at San Antonio and everyone could have been comfortable and happy. Please consider this because you are finally getting full trains and taking business from the airlines but you will lose them if you make it a trip to hell.   Last thing-does Amtrak really recycle? All I see are each car having I large bin and everything tossed in it-I was told you recycle and I make a point of taking everything I read and then trying to find whatever you are using to collect recycling-have not seen 1 yet. Please define symbols under comments with FB, +follow etc.