Pack for the Track: Tips for the Long-Distance Traveler

Pack for the Track: Tips for the Long-Distance Traveler

Every long-distance journey begins with one decision – how will you get there? Fortunately, with Amtrak, every choice is a good one. A coach car comes with comfortable seating, reclining foot rests, and at night these cars are kept quiet and dark. On the other hand, reserving a sleeping cabin for long-distance travel gives you a private space to call your own. So once you land on how you’ll travel across the land, check out our travel pro tips for how to pack and prepare to go the distance with Amtrak.

Make Yourself At Home

  1. Comfy Shoes – Bring something comfortable to wear as you either unwind in your seat or stretch your legs while exploring multiple cars.
  2. Change of Clothes – Keep an outfit or two in your carry-on to freshen up along the way.
  3. Bon Appetit! – Long-distance trains come with a dining car where passengers can make reservations for full meals. And if you are staying in a roomette or bedroom, all dining car meals are included!

Bring Some Basics

  1. Soft-Side Cooler – There are great meal and snack options on-board Amtrak trains, but you can also bring your own refreshments in a compact cooler.
  2. Travel Documents and Back-Ups – Keep cards and documents on you for quick access on-board and at stops. Take a photo of your cards and documents on your phone, too, for emergency back-ups if any of your items get misplaced.
  3. Share the Views – Amtrak has free Wi-Fi available on select trains, so you can chat online, surf the web, or show off photos of your favorite views.

Stay Entertained on the Train

  1. Games – Put on your game face and pass the time with playing cards or travel-sized board games.
  2. Enjoy the View – The ever-changing landscapes and breathtaking views are legendary on Amtrak superliners. Bring a camera to capture your favorite moments and bust out some binoculars if you want to go in-depth from your comfy perch in the observation car.
  3. Reading Material – Train time if your time, which means you finally have time to read! Bring that book you’ve always wanted to enjoy, load up your Kindle, or enjoy Amtrak’s official magazine, The National.

When you plan a long-distance trip by rail, you’re planning on a one-of-a-king experience. With private rooms, meals, and accommodations on-boars like free Wi-Fi, “getting there” is more than half the fun. Fore even more perks on Amtrak trips, go the distance and turn those memorable miles into useful points with the Amtrak Guest Rewards Program.