Pack for the Track: Tips for the Weekend Warrior

Pack for the Track: Tips for the Weekend Warrior

Here’s to the weekend warrior: the traveler who loves spontaneity, dreams of adventure for adventure’s sake, and longs for the opportunity to catch a train to… anywhere. Kickoff any getaway the right way with some awesome views, a smooth ride, and extra legroom. Here are some packing tips for your next mini-vacation.

Adventure Essentials

  1. Entertainment – Download a movie or book to enjoy on the way. Your entertainment options and battery life are in good hands with free on-board Wi-Fi on select trains and outlets at each seat.
  2. Creature Comforts – With legroom, comfy seats, and plenty of room to roam, Amtrak knows comfort. But only you know the extra little details and essentials that make your ride as cozy as home. Bring a teddy bear if you need to – we won’t judge.
  3. Freshen Up – If you are checking baggage, keep a few toiletries, such as a toothbrush, sanitizer, and wipes handy in your carry-on.

Tips for the Great Outdoors

  1. Break in Those New Shoes – Make sure the first time you wear your new kicks isn’t on the trail. Give yourself some time to break in your shows so you’ll hit the outdoors on the right foot.
  2. Reusable Water Bottle – You can’t vacation without hydration. Before departing the train, top off your water bottle at one of our fountains on board.
  3. Extra-Special Extra Items – Adventures require plenty of special equipment, odds and ends, and personal touches. Check out the list of all the special items allowed as baggage on Amtrak.

Tips for the City Adventure

  1. Portable Charger – Let’s face it: your phone is your map, GPS, camera, and notebook when it comes to travel. Charge as you go so you aren’t caught without a lifeline.
  2. Easy Access Wallet– Keep your ID, credit card, transportation pass, and cash close at hand and ready to use.
  3. A Light Day Bag – The deeper you explore, the less you’ll want to return to where you’re staying on your weekend trip. Take the essentials along in a compact, lightweight bag.

These are just a few ideas on how to go, of course where to go is up to you! If you need a little inspiration for your next weekend adventure, check out some stories from actual weekend warriors on the blog.