7 Unknown Facts About Train Travel in the Northeast Corridor

7 Unknown Facts About Train Travel in the Northeast Corridor

So you reside in the Northeast and you’re not exactly a Northeast Regional train rookie. But outside of knowing where to book your ticket and how to get to the station, how much do you really know about train travel in the Northeast?

Don’t worry, we’re not here to test your Amtrak IQ, but we are here to tell you a few things you might not know about the Northeast Corridor. Read on and you just might find out that there is more to the Northeast Corridor than meets the eye.

1. It Connects Hundreds of Thousands of People

Each day, 750,000 trips are made on our trains, making the NEC one of the largest economic drivers of our American economy. With one out of five U.S. jobs and one out of three Fortune 100 firms located in the NEC, this rail system is a service both the region and the country rely upon. As the majority owner of this busy and complex commuter and intercity rail network, Amtrak and its employees are proud to operate it each and every day.

2. It Stops at the Airport

If you want to ditch the car and the traffic that comes with driving to the airport, you can. The Acela stops at Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) while our Northeast Regional trains stop at both Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and BWI. So no worries if you need to fly away for work or play, just remember – we can be your ride for the first leg of the trip.

3. It Gives Execs the Quiet Time They Need

Void of ring tones and small talk, the quiet car maintains a library-like atmosphere Amtrak riders have flocked to for over 15 years. If you’re looking for a productive work space or just a place to catch a quick nap, then our quiet car is for you. What’s even better, there’s a quiet car on every single Northeast Regional train. We’d golf clap to that!

4. It Takes You to All the Fun

With seven of the top most visited museums in the country and 19 professional sports stadiums located in the Northeast, it’s safe to say we can take you to the center of the fun no matter how you define it. We can also take you to events at NYC’s Madison Square Garden or DC’s Verizon Center, the latter of which is just a metro ride away from Union Station. So next time you’re making your weekend plans, see where the train can take you.

5. Furry Friends Are Welcome

It’s true, your four-legged buddies can join you on your next #AmtrakAdventure aboard the Northeast Regional and during weekend service on the Acela. Interested Amtrak riders can bring their pet (one dog or one cat) in a carrier on trips up to seven hours in length. Pets in carriers must weigh 20 pounds or less and be placed under the pet owner’s seat. For more details on how you can travel with your pet, head here.

6. It’s Great for New England Getaways

Our Northeast Corridor trains can take you to Providence and all the getaways surrounding it. Van or car service is available from the Kingston, RI (KIN) station to Newport, RI, and the seasonal ferry service will take you to Martha’s Vineyard. Our Acela and Northeast Regional trains both stop in Providence, which make that New England weekend getaway only a ride away. Click here for more details on all of these options.

7. It Dishes Out Daily Deals

This tip crosses over to all of our routes, so pay close attention to this one. Booking a minimum of 14-days in advance can help you save 20% off of your ticket. We know that can be tough for last minute buys, so here’s one step further: we offer everyday passenger discounts like 15% off for students and 10% off for AAA members. So before you book, make sure to see if there are any discounts waiting for you.