Amtrak Helped Audrey and Aaron Keep the Love Alive

Amtrak Helped Audrey and Aaron Keep the Love Alive

Aaron&AudreyEngagements_99Over the years, many couples have started their love stories on Amtrak. For others like Audrey and Aaron, Amtrak helped keep the love alive for these two long distance love birds. Read on to hear their Amtrak love story, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Amtrak: Tell us a little about yourself.
Audrey: My name is Audrey Weir and my fiance Aaron and I have been together for a little over 2 years now. We met at a summer camp that both of our churches had been attending and eventually crossed paths; I guess you could say the rest was history! We are both attending schools here in Bakersfield (my hometown) with the hopes that I become a Special Education Teacher and he becomes a pastor. We are set to become one on April 9th of this year and couldn’t be more excited!

How did Amtrak figure into your love story?
At the beginning of our relationship, I was 16 and was only allowed to take the Amtrak San Joaquin to Fresno, just a few miles from Aaron’s home in Clovis. He was able to drive down to Bakersfield about once every other month while I took the train just about every month so we could see each other. This went on for almost a year until Aaron decided it was time to move down to Bakersfield! The BFD station in Bakersfield was the first place I told Aaron that I loved him, which was super awkward because he didn’t say it back! Later that year, the two of us took the train from the FNO station in Fresno to the BFD station where Aaron gave me a promise ring and told me that he loved me (what a relief!). So we love to call the stations our “I love you” spots, and they hold special places in our hearts. We’ve laughed, cried, hugged, kissed, and (eventually) both expressed our love for each other at these stations.

What inspired you to take your engagement photos at the Bakersfield Amtrak station?
Because this station brought us together and helped aide in the start of our relationship, it was no question that we should take our engagement pictures on the BFD platform. It still means a lot to us and brought back plenty of memories while we were taking our engagement photos.

What’s your favorite part of riding with us?
My favorite part of riding with Amtrak was the fact that it was always an easy ride and not expensive at all! Everyone working on the train and at the station were always very nice and helpful and the train was always clean. It was always a pleasant 2 hours!

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