Train Manners: Electronic Devices Edition

Train Manners: Electronic Devices Edition

Train manners are important. So much in fact that it’s be an Amtrak blog post topic not once but twice. All types of riders travel for all types of reasons. Which is why it’s always a good look to re-remind everyone to go that extra mile when it comes to kindness on the train. Today, we turn our attention to the train manners we should all practice on the train, electronic devices edition.

Don’t Monopolize the Outlets
Yes, having outlets while traveling is blissful. We get it, conference calls get long and Snapchat is literally a drain (we know how you roll). But if you have a seatmate, show off your train manners and don’t hog both outlets. We all want to charge our phone, our laptop, our mifi and our tablet at the same time. But on the train, sharing is caring, so be the kind of seatmate you want to run into and don’t hog the juice.

HeadphonesHead Over Heels for Headphones
We know you have great taste in music and that podcasts are both funny and informative. But sometimes your fellow riders might want to listen to their own 90’s R&B playlist rather than yours. So be a gem and don’t forget to pack the headphones and more importantly use them when you’re riding with us.

Silence Your Cell Phone in the Quiet Car
This seems like something you wouldn’t forget but believe us, people really do forget when they step inside the very sacred #QuietCar. We’re not talking about anyone specific…or are we? Our tip, don’t be that guy who’s phone rings amid the sweet sweet sound of silence in the QCar. When you step on, turn IT off. Then enjoy your digital detox all the way to your destination.

Just Say No to Speaker Phone
We thought long and hard about this one, but we don’t quite understand speaker phone usage on the train. Privacy is a good thing and when you’re on speaker phone all that privacy is well…all gone. In order to avoid other riders listening to both sides of your chat, avoid all speaker phone conversations at all times.

42916444Leave Loud Talking at Home
With the engines, the chatter and the train stops, it gets loud on the train. But it also gets quiet. And you know how not so pleasant loud talkers can be. You hear every detail of a conversation whether you like it or not. Then suddenly you’re hanging on every word of a one sided conversation you don’t care about.  It’s a slippery slope folks. And with big wigs, politicians, journalists and other awesome sauce riders traveling with us, you can imagine the juicy chatter that gets heard on the train and then shared with us on Twitter. Our advice, don’t be a loud talker. By all means chat it up (not if you’re in the quiet car…obvi), just do so quietly.

Four Tops are for Four People
All the space on Amtrak trains is a bit intoxicating in all the best ways. You get plenty of room to stretch your legs, recline a bit and get work done. But even though you’re productive just like in your office, doesn’t mean all of the space is just for you. You know that rider that spreads out with the cell phone, the laptop, the chargers, the camera, the other cell phone and the notepad? Yea, don’t be that rider.