INTERVIEW: Cruz the K-9’s Top Safety Tips

INTERVIEW: Cruz the K-9’s Top Safety Tips

We sat down recently with Cruz, an Amtrak Police Department K-9 stationed in Boston with his human, Sergeant Domachowski. Cruz is set to retire soon after putting in years on America’s Railroad protecting and serving the riding public. We figured Cruz would have some great safety tips to share as he looks back on a career well spent at Amtrak. Read up on Cruz’s top tips below:

Amtrak: Hi Cruz! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We’re sure you’re looking forward to retirement.
Cruz: Actually, I’m really going to miss work. I loved coming to the station every day. But retirement will leave me more time to nap, so maybe it won’t be so bad.

Well, we’d love to know what are the top safety tips you’ve learned over your time at Amtrak.
Oh sure! After some careful thought, I’ve come up with some important safety tips everyone should keep in mind while traveling with us.

Thanks, Cruz! Let’s put them in the slideshow above…
Woof! ?

For more of Cruz’s adventures follow him on Instagram at @Cruz_K111.