Enjoy the Journey and the Destinations, Your Guide to SLO and Santa Barbara

Enjoy the Journey and the Destinations, Your Guide to SLO and Santa Barbara

Discovering or in some cases rediscovering what makes a city tick is what travel is all about. Tasting the food, chatting with locals and building memories is what keeps adventurers adventuring.

As America’s Railroad we know that for some, day or weekend trips are more enticing and attainable than that once and lifetime cross country excursion. That’s why this week, we’re focusing on one specific California trip that might peak your interest. Read on and find out why a getaway to San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara might be the perfect trip for you and yours.

Enjoy the Journey
Picture this, sitting in your roomy seat, gazing out the window as the train glides along the California coast giving you the perfect view of where the ocean meets the hills. Yes, the views on our Pacific Surfliner are majestic, calming and quite frankly distracting in the best way possible. So much in fact, that you just might subconsciously start a digital detox and forget to get off the train. Whether you’re headed to San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara, the journey to the destination is one you will remember.

Bikes, Room and Food
If you’re a first time Amtrak rider then you might be pleasantly surprised at the comforts of train travel. With us, you get ample legroom to stretch out or curl up, the option of bringing your bike and regional food to enjoy. We handle the driving you get to unwind and unplug.

The Destinations
Whether your destination is Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo, the to do list in both cities is pretty hearty.

If you’re planning on a getaway to Santa Barbara, we recommend switching it up a bit. Everyone knows about the Santa Barbara wine country scene, but have you heard of the growing Santa Barbara micro brewing culture? When you arrive at the Amtrak station in Santa Barbara, you’re near the Santa Barbara Brewing Company, The Brewhouse and Figueroa Mounting Brewing Co, local brews waiting for you. Just step off the train, find your way to one (or all three) and see what a beer inspired trip to Santa Barbara is really like.

Meanwhile in San Luis Obispo, aka SLO, outdoor activities are as one fictional Southern Californian would call “kind of a big deal.” Take your pick; golfing, hiking, surfing, mountain biking, ziplining or shopping (wait how did that last one get in there) all are pretty much in season year round. Get in touch with your inner outdoors man/woman in SLO and discover why locals love being outside.

We’re just scratching the service here with the great things you can do in each city. So help us out. In the comment section below, leave your recommendations of where to go and what to see when train-ing it to SLO or Santa Barbara.