Five Real Life Emojis You’ll Meet on an Amtrak Train

Five Real Life Emojis You’ll Meet on an Amtrak Train

Emojis are great.  There we said it. Actually, we love them. Responding to a lengthy text with an expressive pretend face is a little piece of sunshine to us. Since we’re big fans of emojis, travel and train travel, we decided to have a little fun. Join us as we share with you five real life emojis you might meet on an Amtrak train. Here we go!

160x160x41-smiling-face-with-sunglasses.png.pagespeed.ic.y2dwulXjw8The Cool Kid
You know this rider, shades on, gazing out the window. Enjoying the view whether it’s sunny, cloudy or in a tunnel. We respect the commitment to the shades and the too cool for school swag. Do you, Mr./Ms. Cool Kid, do you! #SwagOnFleek!

160x160x42-sleeping-face.png.pagespeed.ic.Okm1RsxK0CThe Sleepy Head
This rider is all about letting the lull of the train rock them straight to sleep, be it 6 a.m., 3 p.m. or 11 o’clock at night. Pillow in hand or not, this rider will catch up on sleep as soon as the train leaves the station. We can’t get mad at that, who doesn’t love a good Amtrak nap. Word to the wise, try not to snore or even worse drool…the camera phone catches (and records) everything!

55-face-without-mouth160x160xmobile-phone-off.png.pagespeed.ic.nLirBD_93s*The Quiet Car Enforcer
*The following should not be read out loud.
The Q Car is a special place. Starting and ending your day in silence isn’t just a habit, for some it’s a way of life. The Quiet Car Enforcer values their silent time and will shoot you a snarky side eye to remind any quiet car rebels that silence is not only golden, it is requirement. Here’s a very silent yet very enthusiastic golf clap to all of the Quiet Car Enforcers out there.

160x160x2-smiling-face-with-open-mouth.png.pagespeed.ic.9u4mJm3X1M160x160xsquared-free.png.pagespeed.ic.L9c1SWltFcThe AGR Free Ride Redeemer
This rider has worked hard for their free ride, traveling daily and on the weekends to see people they like and even people they don’t like. Now that’s commitment! Then one magical day, their ride is finally $FREE.99. Behavior of the AGR Free Ride Redeemer includes:


  • Skipping the quiet car so he/she can call friends to brag about how enjoyable their free ride is.
  • Frequent selfies posted on Instagram with the caption “This is what a free AGR ride looks like!”
  • And tweets to @Amtrak saying, “Loving my #Amtrak view! #AGR #FreeRide #TeamTrain.”

160x160x15-flushed-face.png.pagespeed.ic.algYoPnkK-The Amtrak Newbie
Nervous, excited and bright-eyed, first time riders typically express all three emotions before the first stop. We get it. Train rides are awesome. We love newbie riders, in fact we wrote this just for them. If you sit next to a newbie, be kind, let them have the window seat.  And help show them the ropes, restrooms that way, café car this way. Lastly, give a gentle nudge if they turn into sleepy head and risk missing their stop. We’ve all been there.