7 Must-Know Tips For Your First Amtrak Adventure

7 Must-Know Tips For Your First Amtrak Adventure

So you just booked your first train trip. Now what? If you’re an Amtrak newbie or plan to be soon, here’s everything you need to know to take advantage of the best parts of traveling by train.

1. Pack to Your Heart’s Content

Amtrak riders are allowed to have two free checked bags on trains with checked baggage service, so you’ll never have to leave something behind again. Before you travel, make sure to check and see if your train and origin and destination stations accept checked baggage. We’ve also pulled together a quick list of what you can bring and a dedicated page with even more details on everything you need to know about our baggage policy. Now you can pack with ease!

2. Stay Informed with the Amtrak App

Streamline the travel process by downloading our app available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. We talk about it all the time because it’s great for checking your train status, finding the station, and showing your ticket. Never miss out on crucial information again.

3. Get Assistance from Red Caps

Whether you’re lost or struggling to lug around your overpacked suitcase, a helping hand always comes in handy. That’s why in select Amtrak stations we have our Red Cap service, a group of men and women prepared to help out. This post will give you the need to know details about how they can help you navigate the station and make it to your train.

4. Put Our Spacious Seats to Good Use

For those Amtrak newbies out there about to embark on their first overnight ride in coach, this guide is for you. It’s full of great tips for making that first ride a cozy and memorable one.

5. Get Into the Train State of Mind

Trains are known for being relaxing for a reason. Regular riders have worked hard to create a culture where things like courteous phone use, outlet sharing, and respect for the quiet car are the norm. So before you ride, take a peek a few of our train manners guides and enjoy the peace!

6. Stay Plugged In and Connected

If you’ve taken a cross country train trip, you know between the scenery, the observation car, and the conversations, it’s an awesome adventure. And with dual plug outlets at every seat and vlogger Kelley Ferro’s seven tips for in-train entertainment, you’ll have everything you need to have the maximum amount of fun on your first, or next, train trip.

7. Keep In Touch

Lastly, but definitely still important, follow us on Twitter! We’re there to keep you updated on the latest developments, answer questions and help you enjoy your journey with us. Oh, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us in those gorgeous train views (your photo might even be featured on our feed).

Happy traveling!