#ReasonsToRide: It’s Cozy

#ReasonsToRide: It’s Cozy

Stretch out, fall asleep, get lost in a view then, repeat. There is no denying it, train travel is Cozy (yes, that’s with a capital C).  But if you’ve never experienced a cross country Amtrak adventure then you might not know just how cozy we get. Here’s what you’re missing.

Lots of Legroom
Whether you’re traveling for one hour or twenty four, the legroom on the train is in abundance. That’s right, all the over 6 feet tall Amtrak prospective riders, this is for you. Say goodbye to feeling cramped and middle seats. Our seats have room to stretch out and then some. No invasion of your personal space.  Just the feeling of cozy comfort.

Dinner in the Diner
Cozy travel isn’t just about your seat. Our comforts can be found in the dining car too. All Amtrak cross country routes have a sit down style restaurant with communal seating. Amtrak suggestions: for breakfast, try the Railroad French Toast, followed by the Chipotle Black Bean and Corn Veggie Burger for lunch or dinner. And close it out with the New York Cheesecake for dessert. Meals are included when you purchase sleeping accommodations with us. So when you ride, don’t forget to dine.

Good Night Moon
If you’re like us, good meals are almost always followed by good naps. After you enjoy the Amtrak Signature Steak in the dining car mosey on back to your roomette and catch some Z’s. Each room comes with an attendant that turns down your room at night and makes it up in the morning. Laydown, curl up and let the gentle sway of the train rock you to sleep.

Read and Watch
Cross country trips are about slowing down and enjoying the journey. Which turns the train time into your time. Foe ultimate viewing pleasure head to our observation car. All of our cozy seats in this car face the windows for your maximum viewing pleasure. Grab a camera and perfect your Chief Instagram Officer skills or catch up on a good book. We promise, travel never felt so good.