Real Riders Tell Us Their Top Travel Essentials

Real Riders Tell Us Their Top Travel Essentials

Travel EssentialsEveryone has their travel routine. Especially our frequent travelers (we’re looking at you Amtrak Guest Reward members). But when you’re packing for your day, weekend or extended stay trips, what are your travel must-haves? We asked Amtrak riders to tell us their travel essentials. Here’s what they had to say:

“An open mind and the excitement of a child! Where else can you eat at a restaurant with different table-mates at each meal and enjoy ever-changing scenery?” – Laurie

“My audio books on my phone so I can ‘read’ and look out the window.” – Martha

“My ipad and my husband.” – Beth

“I have found that binoculars for peering out from the observation car is a must-have if you are riding a superliner across the country.” – Steven

“I travel in coach, so I bring a full-size pillow, a big fluffy neck pillow, a fleece blanket, a little cooler with drinks and snacks in it, my phone, iPad, Kindle, Nintendo 3DS, chargers for all of the above, a little mini power strip, noise canceling headphones, earplugs, and an eye mask.” – Jennifer

“A ticket to ride.” – Betty

“My laptop and charger.” – Greta

“When traveling in a sleeper I always bring slippers for middle of the night bathroom trips. Also my tablet for watching movies, handiwipes to wipe down every surface in my sleeper and sweat pants again for quick trips to the bathroom at night.”- Morris

“The Kindle.”-Ronda

“Blanket, pillow, camera, Galaxy Tablet, cellphone, Route schedule, extension cord and chargers.” – David

“A deck of cards.” – Beth

“Book, yarn, needles.” – Gail

“Whether in coach or a sleeper I must have these: sleeping shades and earplugs.” – Lisa

“A traveling buddy to actually talk to and share the adventure!” – Pam

“I always bring my camera….to capture run-by action!!” – David

“Sunglasses, and open mind and my journal.” – Erica

“Sheer joy!” – Susan

Now that you’ve heard a few of our riders  travel essentials, we want to hear yours. What are your travel essentials? Tell us in the comment section below.