Four Tips for Headache Free Amtrak Planning

Four Tips for Headache Free Amtrak Planning

We know the best part of the trip is the journey. We also know that going from I want to take a trip to taking the trip can be, well…sometimes a bit of a headache. We want your travel with us to be seamless. So we pulled together a few tips to make sure you skip the headache and head straight to enjoying the journey.

Two Words: Deals Page
Want to keep a few bucks in your pocket? Then make sure your planning starts on our deals page. Narrow down our deals by region or find out what passenger discounts apply to you and yours. Research not only when to book but also when to travel. Let us help you save before you hit the rails. Amtrak Fun Fact: We have 116 deals going on right this second. Come explore, book and SAVE!

Get to Know Amtrak Vacations
Not a fan of planning the trip? That’s cool, we’ll do it for you. Over at Amtrak Vacations, our travel gurus do all of the work. Whether you’re looking for a family adventure, a national parks excursion or an independent rail journey they got it covered.  Explore the vacation packages and see how easy it is to go from planning, to booked, to travel countdown!

Read. Read On.
You know how sometimes the answer is right in front of you? Well it’s happening again. Planning your headache free trip is a breeze when you have the help of the Amtrak blog. We have travel tips, stories from real riders and information about what to expect on your journey. Don’t forget to make the Amtrak blog part of your planning.

Ask Us
Have a question? Just ask. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, we’re there to help you. Planning the trip is just the first part of the journey and we want that to be headache free. So hit us up, no question is too big or too small.

Have you picked up any Amtrak planning tips along the way? Let us know in the comments section below.