Meet the Brooklyn Artist Behind the Barclays Center Acela Mural

Visitors to the Brooklyn Barclays Center may have noticed a bold new addition to the lobby. Ukrainian-born and Brooklyn-based artist Misha Tyutyunik’s latest mural features iconic Brooklyn scenes and culture framing a fast-moving Acela as it zooms through NYC carrying passengers to long-distance loves, fun events, business meetings or just the daily commute.

How does this Pratt Institute graduate describe his artistic style? “Visually pleasing, yet accessible,” he said. Clean, colorful lines showcase iconic landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at Grand Army Plaza and Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel as backdrops for America’s high-speed train. Misha drew the design by hand first and then vectored the line drawing on Illustrator. He then filled  in the shapes to create a work of art that fully engages the viewer’s senses. Scaled to size, the mural was installed and backlit to create a multi-dimensional effect.

“It was a great fit for me, because I love trains,” says Misha. “I remember my first ride on Amtrak, it was so magical. Historically, trains are associated with forward movement. There’s some really exciting about that.”

So the next time you’re in town or at Barclays Center to cheer on the Nets, check out Misha’s mural. And you guessed it, Acela can take you there.

You can see more of Misha’s work on his Instagram account.