One Mom’s Reason to Ride

One Mom’s Reason to Ride

Ready for adventure, Rachael's daughter is bound to for the station.

Traveling from ‘Penn to Penn,’ that’s what Rachael likes to call it when she and her 3-year-old daughter (pictured left) hop on our Northeast Regional or Acela and take a train ride to visit out of town family.

As frequent riders, Rachael and her little one are well-versed in #AmtrakPerks, “Snacks on board are a perk we enjoy,” she says. “No matter how prepared you are as Mom, you still forget something. It’s nice to know that if I forget snacks or water, I can grab a something for my daughter that’s not junk food.  As long as you have the essentials – binky and blanket – you can get the rest on the train.”

Rachael isn’t the only one that enjoys the ride. Her toddler is also #TeamTrain. “She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever,”Rachael shared. “She thinks it’s really funny to see the cars on the road when we’re on the train. It’s such an adventure for her. She likes to pick out her seat and loves looking out the window, chatting with other passengers and playing on the iPad. Occasionally, we even meet another family from another city and the kids get to meet each other. There is a social aspect to share on the train that we enjoy.”

For this traveling pair, the benefits of taking the train go beyond outlets and legroom. For Rachael, there’s an educational component she gets to share with her daughter. “We play games while looking out the window, ‘I see a tree, I see a red barn,’ we count houses, it’s great for learning,” she told us. “If I was driving I wouldn’t be able to attend to her. The idea of having someone else do the driving so you can be fully present for your child is great. Mom’s multi-task a lot but on the train you can’t do anything else. It’s just you and your child. It’s great quality time together.”

As a Northeast resident, Amtrak train travel has been a staple for Rachael and now, it’s becoming one she shares with her daughter. The only draw back to trips with her little travel buddy?  “No more quiet car for me.”

What are some perks you enjoy when you Amtrak-it with your little one? Tells us in the comment section below.