Winter Travel Tips

Winter Travel Tips

Old man winter has arrived. Amtrak is prepped and ready to handle any curve balls winter has in store but we want you to be prepared too. Before you embark on your next winter wonderland ride with us, check out our Amtrak tips for winter travel.

Check-in Before You Head Out
Sometimes winter weather can…well…halt things on the rails.  It’s not ideal and something we try to avoid, there are times we may need to delay or cancel trains in the interest of our passengers and our crew. We recommend checking your train status before heading to the station. Download our Amtrak app and stay up to date before you leave the house or office.

Dress Warmly
Our Northeast Regional train has over 50 stops. That means the doors open and close over 50 times, leaving ample opportunity for winter to sneak onto the train and nuzzle up to you.  If you’re traveling for work or your big Amtrak adventure, bring that blanket, that cardigan, or just an extra layer to keep you cozy instead of cold.

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Are you a seasoned Amtrak rider with a winter travel tip to share? Tell us in the comment section below.