Your Best Amtrak Quotes

Your Best Amtrak Quotes

Sometimes seeing the beauty of America from the comforts of the train leaves you speechless. The mountains, the connectivity, the wide open spaces, it’s wonderfully overwhelming. But when that moment passes and the words rush to the front part of your mind, that moment, that’s what we like to hear about. Fortunately over the years, we’ve chatted with riders who know that moment well, and who were kind enough to share their thoughts with us. Here are their quotes on how what enjoying the journey is all about.

48810072“It’s already been four days of being blown away by the scenery, but we round a corner and the Space Needle is right there and it’s just another one of those incomparable moments. I want everyone to see the Space Needle at night after they’ve taken a long train journey; I want everyone to have that freedom to move around the country and really see not only how much of it there is but also how much of it is open spaces and farm land and small towns and terrifying snow-filled forests at higher elevations.”
Marianne Kirby, Amtrak Residency

“The seats are nothing like an airplane,” she says. “They are bigger, comfier, and give more leg room. Even if you’re sitting next to someone, you don’t feel like you are right on top of them. Comfortable traveling is happy traveling!”
Emily Tharp, Amtrak Rider and Blogger

“There’s plenty to do on the train. If you’re comparing it to driving, it is just a way better experience. You can sit back, grab a beer if you want, play on the computer, and just kick back and relax.”
Jeffery, Amtrak Rider

48810061“In today’s digital age, it’s wonderful to take a break from the usual hectic and media-saturated lifestyle. On ‘train time,’ everything slows down. We love the chance to unplug, look out the window, meet new people face-to-face, and play games.”
Wen  & Chris, Amtrak Riders

“When you’re on the train, you’re not alone for the ride. It brings people together and you build relationships. It’s been kind of fun. Some people are ending their trip, other times it’s just fellow commuters talking about what’s going on for the day. And then sometimes, you hear crazy and wild conversations that just can’t be ignored.”
Elizabeth, Amtrak Rider

“I think people get hung up on this idea of travel just being transported from A to B by whatever means is most convenient. The thing about train travel is that it is actually travel in its most essential form. You don’t just step on and step off. You take a journey.” Tucker Cholvin, Amtrak Rider