Amtrak Design Guru Gives Us the Inside Scoop on Uniforms

Amtrak Design Guru Gives Us the Inside Scoop on Uniforms

unnamed (9)What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Amtrak (besides gorgeous views and adventure, of course)? The iconic conductor’s hat! It’s the signature item in Amtrak’s Uniform Program.

To find out more about Amtrak’s uniforms we spoke with award-winning fashion-forward Tom Wiley, the creative genius behind Amtrak’s sweet style. A forty year veteran of Amtrak, Tom’s been involved in many facets of work at Amtrak but prides himself most on overseeing our classic yet modern suite of uniforms.

“Our uniforms must meet three requirements – safety, functionality and style,” Tom noted. “We also want employees to feel empowered and proud to put on their uniforms every day. First impressions become lasting impressions with our customers. Blending durability with a keen aesthetic design, we seek to keep the integrity of Amtrak’s classic color palette of navy blues and rich reds while adding modern touches.”

Uniforms come in many shapes, styles and colors. For example, women are able to add some personal flair to their uniforms with silk neck scarves, and the conductor hat features a stainless steel badge with a patent leather visor. Uniforms also reflect work function with design elements for every job whether it is on board the train or around our stations.  With style, accessory and color options, Tom makes sure that employees have a chance to express themselves.

unnamed (7)Even Hollywood’s noticed Amtrak’s uniforms. Tom tells us that requests from Tinsel Town come in every so often for movie scenes where Amtrak will be featured and he’s accommodated movie studios looking to incorporate accurate branding.

But back to that hat. “The conductor’s hat is certainly recognizable and a popular photo op for passengers. The stateliness and classic profile of the pillbox-style hat reflects the work of our conductors, who often serve as the first impression that many of our passengers receive on Amtrak.”

Want more? Check out this slide show of some awesome Amtrak uniform throwbacks.