All the Railroad’s a Stage for Amtrak Employee

Silver Service Train Attendant

It’s clear why Amtrak employee, Preston, is a customer service star from the moment he opens his mouth.

The out-going train attendant serves customers on the Silver Service, running between MIA and NYC, and receives top customer service scores from passengers. Check out why Preston has such a passion for you—the customer!

All Aboard: What is it like riding long distances with people you've just met?

Preston: Every experience is different. The route doesn’t change, but the people are always different.

On a customer’s trip the spotlight is on you. You really can make somebody’s trip memorable in that small way. The thing that always resonates with me is when someone says I made a difference in their trip.

AA: How do you provide such great customer service?

P: It means putting yourself in the mindset of, “If I were that customer, how would I want to be treated?” It’s not about me—it’s about what’s best for the passengers.

AA: What's the secret to your success on the Silver Service?

P: Treat everyone like they’re important! This is an experience for the customers. I may not remember all the people who travel with me, but they remember me because I’m a part of their trip. Plus, I’ve met life-long friends on the railroad!

Have you meet a great Amtrak employee during your Amtrak travels? Let us know in the comments below!

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Preston is indeed a superstar. He was the sleeping car attendant on our return trip from south Florida in March and was just terrific. Friendly, smart and engaged, he made our trip home a joy.

Funny thing is that he's more typical than an outlier. We've had great experiences across the board.

Thanks very much to Preston and his colleagues!

Great job!


We have taken the trip to Florida and back numerous times. This trip with Preston Ross was by far our best. From the time we met Preston getting on in Kissinnee until we got off in NYC Preston was by far the affable car attendant we ever had. The man always had a smile and something cheery to say. He should be the gold standard for car attendants.