Remember the last person who sat next to you on a flight? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

The train is different. For Amtrak travelers it’s a true community. Whether you’re traveling across the country or to the next town over, train travel brings out the inquisitive nature in everyone. In fact, this couple met on an Amtrak train and eventually got married!

For those planning a long-distance trip, one of the best perks of the adventure is your fellow passengers. From families to best friends, you’ll meet all kinds of travelers when you ride Amtrak.

Travel blogger Kelley Ferro shows just how easy it is to strike up conversation in this video where she meets several passengers traveling aboard the Southwest Chief. That train connects Chicago and Los Angeles and passes through some of the nation’s most beautiful desert terrain.

“I bring books, movies and games,” says Tiara from new Mexico, “but I usually don’t end up getting any of it done because I end up meeting people and talking the whole time.”

Others Kelley talked to said they like to draw and read while onboard. They also shared what it’s like to sleep and eat on a moving train!

The best part? Kelley even talks one on one with an Amtrak employee!