If you have ever experienced one of our cross country trains, even for just a short distance, you know the train is a small community on wheels. As the countryside passes you by, you spend time catching up with family and friends, and many times, spending a good deal of time meeting new people and exchanging stories that you’ll likely remember for a lifetime.

At the heart of our onboard community is our dining carwhere people come to gather and share a meal. Never had the pleasure of dining on a train? Check out what Rachel Hofstetter, author of Cooking Up a Business and founder of Guesterly, Anna Curran, founder of Cookbook Create, and Irina Gonzalez from Latina Magazine, had to say about the unique experience.

Many memories are created in our dining cars as they travel across the country. What is your favorite memory? Share with us on Twitter @amtrak!


Video by Eric White of GlassDuffle.