Wen and Chris' Excellent Wedding Adventure

The newlyweds get ready to board the Cardinal

Last week we met Wen Lee and Chris Stratton, newlyweds who decided to put our USA Rail Pass to good use by crisscrossing the country to hold 4 wedding receptions, in 4 different cities, over 30 days. Heading into their third (yes, third!) wedding reception in Boston, we caught up with the couple to hear about their trip aboard the Cardinal and Northeast Regional.First time aboard viewliner equipment for the newlyweds

Amtrak: This was your first time on the Cardinal in a sleeping car, which is viewliner equipment, quite a bit different than our western trains. What did you think?
Wen and Chris: First of all, as you mentioned, the Cardinal is a single level train, so the ceilings are nice and high. There were even clerestory windows in the roommette where we stayed. Our room was open, spacious, and had plenty of light.  The views going through the Appalachian Mountains were gorgeous.

Amtrak: What is your favorite part about riding in a sleeper?
Wen and Chris: Hands down, the best thing about being in the sleeping car was the beds. Being able to lie down flat while sleeping makes a world of difference! In our cozy bunks and with the train rocking us to sleep, we enjoyed a much needed overnight rest on our long journey.

Amtrak: Anything you make sure to do on all of your train journeys?
Wen and Chris: One of Wen’s favorite things to do on the train is to go to the end of the last car and look out the back window. From there, you can see the tracks and landscape whizzing behind the train. It’s quite a sight!

Amtrak: How did you spend your time aboard the Northeast Regional, the shortest leg of your trip? 
Wen and Chris: As we pulled out of  Washington, D.C., Union Station on the Northeast Regional that evening, we fell asleep in the Quiet Car, which is designated as a “library-like environment” with minimal cell phone use and conversation. In the morning, we woke up in Boston, where the train had arrived 15 minutes early!

KY Reception for Wen and ChrisAmtrak: You’ve had quite the adventure so far. Are you glad you decided to take your wedding receptions on the rails, so to speak?
Wen and Chris: It has been wonderful! We’ve been very excited to see Chris’ family including his 90 year old grandfather, 96 year old grandmother, uncles, aunts, and cousins at the receptions — many of whom we haven’t seen in years. We’ve eaten delicious food, played lawn games, and watched slideshows of our train travels. Since the family could not make it out to California for our ceremony, it’s meant the world to us to be able to travel and celebrate our wedding with them.MA reception for Wen and Chris

Next stop for the happy couple? They are headed back west to Los Angeles for their fourth and final wedding celebration with Wen’s family.

What is the most epic train adventure you’ve ever embarked on? Tell us in the comment section below.