7 Reasons to Ride the California Zephyr

You can take the California Zephyr any day between Chicago and San Francisco, and catch the scenic sights throughout Nebraska, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento. But, voted as fan favorite, here are 7 reasons, why you’ll want to book a trip today.

California Zephyr views1) It’s the most beautiful, guiding you through awesomely high cliffs of Glenwood Canyon, adorned with aspen and evergreen trees.

2) It’ll take you on an unforgettable journey through the most famous mountain ranges in the USA, including the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada.

3) You’ll course through the land of metallic history like the Gold Run, which used to be the gold-digging-go-to in the 1850’s, and Reno, which became popular during the silver rush in 1859.

4) You’ll travel across Omaha, a key city in the history of transportation, nicknamed the “Gate City of the West.” It’s also the place that Fred Astaire and Marlon Brando called home!

omaha via creighton.edu

Oh, Omaha… you’re beautiful. Image via creigton.edu

5) You’ll enjoy the spectacular views through the California Zephyr’s extra-big panoramic windows in the sightseer lounge.

6) The train’s dining menu offers mouthwatering breakfast, lunch and dinner options, like the buttermilk pancakes,  Kung-Pao chicken stir-fry, and the Amtrak Signature steak.

7) Finally, the on-board staff is amazing. Dedicated to your safety and comfort, they’ll always help out with anything from making your meal reservations to tidying up your bedroom.

Have you ridden the California Zephyr before? Let us know your favorite parts about the train in the comments below.