Watch! Sit Inside Amtrak's New Locomotives

In preparation for tomorrow’s big news, we’re showing you just how awesome our new locomotives are … from the driver’s seat! They’ll be powering the trains on our Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C., and Boston soon.

This is a perspective that customers rarely get, but we’ve been sharing the exclusive footage on our Instagram account all week. For more insider info, follow us @Amtrak.

The new Cities Sprinter locomotives were designed for improved safety and reliability. They also allow for more efficient and cost-effective maintenance, which means they can return to service as quickly as possible, getting you to exactly where you need to be. On time.

The Cities Sprinter locomotives also have an onboard computer system that can notify the engineer and operator of any maintenance issues and can take self-corrective action to maintain operation and ensure your safety. Pretty cool, huh?

More than 400 Amtrak engineers on the Northeast Corridor have been participating in a multi-day locomotive training to prepare for the new equipment’s arrival. Each training is facilitated by an Amtrak road foreman who instructs eight engineers in both classroom and operational training.

By the end of February, all Northeast Corridor engineers will have completed the training and will be qualified to operate the new locomotives! So be on the look out!

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