With the addition of the 70 new Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) locomotives, comes new equipment to learn. That’s why the 450 Amtrak engineers on the Northeast Corridor have been participating in multi-day locomotive training. Here’s your glimpse into how they are preparing for the arrival of the new equipment.

During the comprehensive training sessions, participants receive classroom and operational training. At the culmination of the training, the engineers are observed by their road foreman supervisor for a qualification to operate the locomotive.

Jonathan Hines, Amtrak System General Road Foreman, is responsible for training the engineers and has received great feedback from them, “Response from participants has been very very positive,” he said. “They have been excited to see what the equipment can do and are quite impressed with what they are getting.”

By the end of February, all Northeast Corridor engineers will have completed the training and will be qualified to operate the new Amtrak Cities Sprinter.

Are you excited for the reliability, efficiency and mobility the Amtrak Cities Sprinter locomotives will bring to the Northeast Corridor? Let us know in  the comments below!