Blogger Shares the Joys of Train Travel on Day Trip to NYC

Blogger Shares the Joys of Train Travel on Day Trip to NYC

Philadelphia blogger Emily Tharp is up on all the hottest trends. As the brains (and quick wit) behind Her Philly, Emily keeps readers informed on all there is to do in Philadelphia, including what it’s like to ride the train for a day trip to NYC. Shopping, anyone?

We sat down for a few minutes with the busy blogger, who usually drives to NYC (gasp!), to ask her about the trip. And she didn’t hold back.

“The seats are nothing like an airplane,” she says. “They are bigger, comfier, and give more leg room. Even if you’re sitting next to someone, you don’t feel like you are right on top of them. Comfortable traveling is happy traveling!”

Fashionistas like Emily will also be happy to hear we’ve got more than legroom aboard our trains. There’s also room for your luggage–your two free bags, in fact. Yep, 100 lbs. of the latest fashion trends all ride for free.

Since Emily was a bit nervous about her day trip to NYC, she made sure to arrive early. “If you aren’t a very savvy traveler, don’t rush the process,” she says. “I arrived at Philly’s 30th St. Station early, grabbed a snack and took a seat while I waited for my train.”

Her Philly

With her trusty Mac in tow, Emily was able to work while she traveled to the Big Apple. “I took full advantage of the awesome free services Amtrak offers,” she says. “I worked on a post for my blog, Her Philly, and caught up on some emails and all of my social media sites. The Wi-Fi was great, super quick and easy to connect to.”

Once she arrived at New York Penn Station, Emily met up with friends at the station ready to take on the big city. “The difference of sitting back, relaxing and not having to drive in traffic was amazing,” she says.

Have you ever taken a day trip to one of our more than 500 destinations? We’d love to hear your Amtrak stories. Share them with us on Twitter!