Magical Piano Brings Holiday Cheer to Station

Chicago train travelers were greeted by a holiday surprise in Union Station’s Great Hall. The Magical Piano played everything from Chopsticks to Deck the Halls as busy travelers rushed to their trains.

In the opening scene, a little girl plays the Magical Piano not knowing that it will come to life. While she plays the keys, it magically joins in playing a duet with the little girl in the middle of Chicago’s busy train station.

When an older gentleman walks up to the piano, it joins his harmonica performance seamlessly. Throughout the video surprised travelers turn around to look at the Magical Piano and the visitors who are making it come to life.

Perhaps the most magical moment comes when Santa even joins the fun. Santa tells the Magical Piano to be quiet as it happily plays Deck the Halls for onlookers in Chicago.

Each year, more than 30 million passengers, on 300 daily Amtrak and Metra trains, pass through Chicago Union Station. The station’s main attraction is Amtrak’s Great Hall where the Magical Piano was positioned. It has a 300-foot-long barrel-vaulted skylight that soars 115 feet over the room.

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