The Best Selfies of 2013

We all know it’s an art form, but now “selfie” has reached the epitome of the written word as well. That’s right, “selfie” was named the Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries.

The premier experts in the business of the English language define a selfie as, “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” But no one needed to tell our passengers that.

You snapped them all on your own!

From the far corners of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you documented everything from the monumental to the mundane on your train trips across the country. In fact, this year you tagged more than 100,000 pictures with the hashtag #Amtrak on Instagram, and a ton of those were selfies!

To celebrate the end of an awesome year of Amtrak selfies, we’ve picked the top 10 best selfies of 2013! But, hey, there’s still time left before the New Year. Grab a seat, smartphone and smile to join the fun!

The Innocent Bystander Selfie


The All-Bro Selfie


The “Seize the Day” Selfie


The Chill Selfie


The Fresh Selfie


The “I Was There” Selfie


The Statue Selfie


The Seriously Happy Selfie

AmtrakGram San Diego

The Video Selfie

Have you taken a selfie on one of our trains? Tag it with the hashtag #Amtrak to join the conversation!

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