New Tech City to City

Manoush ZManoush Zomorodi is the host and managing editor of WNYC’s New Tech City, a weekly podcast and segment featured on Morning Edition that explores innovation, creativity, technology and the new economy.

She also happens to be a big fan of Amtrak.

“I’ll take the train anytime over flying to avoid airports,” says Manoush, who began taking Amtrak between her home in New Jersey and Georgetown University when she was in college.

Today, Manoush uses her time between city center and city center to review old podcasts, catch up on work and meditate. To her, it’s the “sense of journey” that is so special about traveling by train.

In fact for her, the “hum of the tracks” even offer the perfect soundtrack for writing her upcoming blog posts.

And when it comes to the age-old question, window or aisle, she’s window all the way. “It’s easier to nap,” she says.

Follow Manoush on all her train trips by connecting with her on Twitter @manoushz.