Oklahoma City Stars in National Train Day!

Oklahoma City

What do Kevin Durant, Brad Pitt and Ron Howard have in common?  They all have ties to Oklahoma City!

But on May 11, you’re the only star that matters in that city!

For the 6th Annual National Train Day, Oklahoma City‘s art deco station will be transformed for a community celebration of all things trains. In addition to Disney Channel’s Chuggington Kids Depot, the city’s National Train Day celebration will include free giveaways, appearances by elected officials and model train displays. Did we mention the mayor is even coming?

Oklahoma City is served by our Heartland Flyer route, which travels between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas. It was also one of the first trains to debut eTicketing–a historic change from the way tickets have been processed on the railroad for … um … ever. Check out this cool video that tells the whole story!

Not interested in experiencing a cowboy state of mind in Oklahoma City this National Train Day? Good news! There are over 200 local events expected to happen all over the country. See what your community has planned here!

May 11 will be the sixth annual National Train Day, when folks across the country will be celebrating why trains matter to them, their towns, and their communities. In the mean time, let us know why trains matter to you in the comments section below!