Caroline’s 5 Must-Have Travel Apps

Caroline WaxlerAs the Festival Director for Internet Week, Caroline Waxler is always on the go.  We sat down with her for a few minutes to get her recommendations on her five Must-Have Travel Apps.

All Aboard: So things must be crazy with Internet Week just a few weeks away?

Caroline: To say I’m living out of a suitcase is an understatement. I’m on the road on a weekly basis, which means apps that help make life a little less chaotic and travel more enjoyable are top priority!

What are some of your favorite travel apps?

Even if you’re not constantly on the road like me, these are apps everyone should know about.

1. Foursquare: I love using Foursquare to see where  my friends check in. Their pictures and comments are invaluable. I recently used it when I was at a restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and found out that I should order the chicken kebabs. I did, and it was fantastic!

2. Amtrak: I am on an Amtrak train on a weekly basis.  Frankly, I’m not quite sure how I managed before Amtrak’s app came into my life. Now, if only Julie’s voice could be on the app, then we’d be talking…. (Sorry, train nerd inside joke.)

3. Hotel Tonight: When my friend accidentally locked herself out of the apartment for SXSW, she turned to the Hotel Tonight app to save her day. Or, rather, night. The app gives you access to last-minute pricing on unsold hotel  rooms.

4. Uber: Uber is my go-to app when I don’t have a clue about the best place to catch a cab or need to get to the station early and don’t want to chance missing my train. It’s never failed me—a car has arrived on time and because my card is on file, I don’t have to dig for my credit card.

5. Brewster: It may be a mobile address book, but what I love about it for travel is that it has a functionality that tells you which of your friends—across all your social networks—are where you are. I recently attended a conference in South Carolina and easily used Brewster to find people in my network living nearby in Charleston or who were there for travel.

Look up Caroline using Brewster next time you’re in New York or when you go to Internet Week New York, which runs from May 20-27. 

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