Top 10 Fan Posts for the Pennsylvanian

Pennsylvanian Train

Did you know we reached an agreement with our Pennsylvania state partners, Governor Tom Corbett and Secretary of Transportation Barry J. Schoch, to preserve the Pennsylvanian service?

This is great news for those of you in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia! In fact, rail fans from as far away as France and England are showing their excitement on our Facebook wall.

Here are our top 10 favorite customer comments in reaction to the great news:

10. “One of the best ‘bang for your buck’ ways to travel!”
–Barbara Christopoulos in Greenacres, Fla.

9. “I love this service. The Allegheny Mountains are beautiful in the fall.”
–Trish Nevarez Reyes in Fremont, Ohio

8. “This is a big deal. I’m without words (Ya’ll know that that is a rare occasion). I am so happy for the Pennsylvanian legacy and the day-to-day staff and riders!”
–Terry Remick in Santa Barbara, Calif.

7. “Anybody want to take a great trip across PA with no driving or gas stations?”
–Tom Pelikan in Littleton, Colo.

6. “I see the Pennsylanian everyday. My late pap retired from Amtrak as a passenger conductor. It would have been sad to see the heart of American railroading without a passenger train.”
–Matthew Yarnell in Bellwood, Pa.

5. “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)”
–Teresa Meier in Windber, Pa.

4. “Yay!! This Pittsburgh native living in NYC is happy to hear the news!”
–Paul Snatchko in New York, N.Y.

3. “Crucial! Rail travel is an amazing thing!”
–Bryce Jensen in Keaau, Hawaii

2. “They’re preserving the Pennsylvanian? My day is a little brighter, and once again, another generation of Americans can take the train around the Horseshoe Curve, which, if finances permit, I might just do as a joyride.”
–Alexander Ivanoff in Bruston, N.Y.

1. “I’ve always had a one-track mind! See the USA by rail!”
–William Bauza in Buffalo, N.Y.