5 Perks to Eticketing

Amtrak eTicketing Hand

In July 2012, we launched our eTicketing program with the goal of improving our passengers’ travel experience. Here are the top five perks of the system. Let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments section below!

1. Saves Time
No more waiting in line at the ticket counter or eTrax machine to print out a ticket. Just purchase your ticket, board the train, then show the conductor your eTicket from a smartphone or tablet. Yup, that’s it!

2. Remedy for FLTS (Frequent Lost Ticket Syndrome)
If you suffer from FLTS, eTicketing is perfect for you. It allows you to reprint at home or show the conductor your eTicket from your smartphone or tablet.

3. It’s Green
Save trees by taking things digital with an eTicket. Simply get your eTicket scanned from your smartphone or tablet and wave bye bye to print outs.

4. Flexibility
Change of plans? No worries. Modify your reservation on Amtrak.com, using the free mobile app, then board the train. No need for a new eTicket, if you’ve got your smartphone.

5. Group Under 20 Passengers + One Reservation = Eligible for eTicketing
Don’t worry about keeping track of everyone’s ticket. If you’re a group of travelers with fewer than 20 people and you book under one reservation, then you can use eTicketing. Just scan your groups’ ticket then enjoy the ride!

Want to learn more about Amtrak eTicketing? Go here.