10 Places People Are Going This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Travel

From the country's sweet potato capital (North Carolina) to America's No. 1 producer of turkeys (Minnesota), Amtrak is taking customers to a lot of destinations this Thanksgiving!

Recently we asked you on Facebook and Instagram just how far you were traveling with us for mom's home cooking, and your answers even surprised us! (And we seriously love trains.) Here are the top 10 most interesting places people are going this Thanksgiving!

10. "I'm going home to Vermont for Thanksgiving!" -Josh Farber
Route: Vermonter (seems appropriate to us)

9. "Home to Chicago!" -Sam Perez
Routes: Michigan Services, Lincoln Service, Hiawatha

8. "Louisiana!" -Amy Utter
Route: City of New Orleans

7. "All the way from California to West Virginia." -Barbara Schipke
Routes: California Zephyr & Cardinal 

6. "Next door, and I wouldn't have it any other way!" -Andrew Love
Route: Hmmm ... maybe he lives next to a train station?

5. "I'm going from Salem, Ore., to Tacoma, Wash., so 165 miles!" -Katherine Brown
Route: Cascades or Coast Starlight

4. "I have kids coming in from New York and Washington, D.C.! I can't wait! Thanks, Amtrak!" -Mary Williams<---an official mom herself!
Route: Northeast Regional

3. "I'm heading from Wilmington, Del., to Winter Park, Fla.!" -Michael Sensor
Route: Silver Service

2. "I'm traveling 1,200 [for mom's home cooking], and it's worth every mile!" -Lisa Carvey McWhorter
Route: Perhaps our Empire Builder route, which is 1,377 miles long?

1. "I'm going to Wisconsin to see my mom, baby sister, dad and uncle all the way from Arkansas. #17hoursofpurebliss" -ToiNisha Griffin
Route: Texas Eagle

Now it's your turn! Where are you traveling on Amtrak this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments section below.


I'll be going on the Silver Star tomorrow from Philadelphia to West Palm Beach.


We will be taking the Pennsylvanian to Pittsburgh to get the Capitol Limited to Chicago to get on the California Zephyr to Denver, CO to spend Thanksgiving with the wife's family.


I'm taking the long way to See my sister in Texas: via: Southwest Chief from Flagstaff to Los Angeles; Coast Starlight from L.A. to Emeryville; California Zephyr from Emeryville to Denver; California Zephyr from Denver to Chicago; and Texas Eagle from Chicago to Longview. After Thanksgiving, Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited from Longview to Maricopa and back home to Tempe. All with a fifteen day pass.


Going on the Empire Builder to Oregon. My husband and I are going to visit with our son's family and meeting our first great-grandson in person. Can't wait. By the way we live in Minnesota.  Happy turkey everyone!!!


From Orange Co, CA to Sacramento, CA on Pacific Surfliner and San Joaquin and home on the Coast Starlight