Go Girl! And Take These 5 Accessories with You

Amtrak can take you to more than 500 destinations from coast to coast. But there's really only five essential travel accessories you need for all those adventures. They are ...

1. Major Luggage
Amtrak let's you bring two free bags PLUS a purse. Let's repeat that ... all the luggage in this pic travels for free! Since it travels with you, make sure yours is fierce. Snaps to the snakeskin rolly bag!


2. Your Favorite Blanket
The coach seats on our trains have plenty of legroom and they recline for maximum lounging. The seats on our long-distance trains even have foot rests (gasp!) that make the seat practically a bed.


3. Your Bestie
Everything's better with her, right?


4. A Phone Charger
Without your constant tweets and Instagram posts, how are your friends supposed to know you're taking the trip of a lifetime? Trust us: You need a phone charger. And you're going to love the fact that every seat has an outlet for charging!


5. Hot Shades and Hotter Lipstick
Our trains have huge windows and even special observation cars with floor to ceiling windows. Stunner shades are essential, but a killer red lip color will mark you as a true rail warrior.


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I hear duct tape is popular with the long distance passengers. :D


I've got both my legs, but nureopathy had stolen most of my ability to walk. I made sure that I let #Amtrak know my condition. I use a rolator to "walk" and I was so impressed with the attention I was given. I've been unimpressed worth Airlines for sometime. The service that was provided by Amtrak, put the final nail in th be coffin on air travel for me but good.


About to try Amtrak for the first time in about 4 years. Lost my left leg due to complications from knee replacement surgery.  Want to see how well a wheelchair works. Taking the Keystone from Exton, PA to Philly and then the Acela to DC. I live very close to the Downingtown station but Exton is the closest with a high level platform (actually it is a 'mini high'). Will let you know how well it works.


The San juaquin is a nice ride from what I hear but the layover is LOONG!  Luckily there is something to do in sacramento! Old sacramento and Downtown Plaza are close by and won't have you wandering too far from the station!


Amtrak deserves props for the outlets at their seats.  For the cost of a plane ticket, passengers should not have to worry about their cell phone losing its charge.  Amtrak FTW!