Quiet Car > Noisy Bus (Shhhh)

Quiet CarYou can officially plug in and tune out on the Wolverine service between Chicago and Pontiac, Mich., beginning August 19 with the roll out of the service’s new weekday Quiet Car.

Yep, one of the most popular features of the Northeast Corridor trains is expanding to more of the midwest. The Quiet Car will be located at the opposite end of the train from the Café car and is marked off with special signs so loud-talkers don’t wander in by mistake. According to one New York Times journalist, even whispering in the Quiet Car is, “as maddening as a dripping faucet at 3 a.m.”

It’s that intense. People take their “library-like atmosphere” very, VERY seriously. But don’t worry, conductors make announcements alerting passengers of the Quiet Car, its rules and how to avoid it (if you’re not down with the Sound of Silence).

If you’re interested in using the Quiet Car, seriously it’s like a rolling library or the best sleeping car ever, here’s what you need to know. Cell phones are not allowed and any music or movies have to be listened to at low volumes, using headphones.

If you’ve spent any of your collegiate time in a library, you’re ready for this next step. If the frat house is more your scene, stick to the regular cars. They all get you there at the same time.