Amtrak’s Top Train Rides to See Fall Foliage

Amtrak’s Top Train Rides to See Fall Foliage

This fall, there is no better way to find fall views than by rail. Grab your flannel and follow along for Amtrak’s top train rides to see fall foliage.

Explore fall views from the East Coast to the Midwest on the Cardinal

With tracks in the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, the Cardinal takes passengers through an array of fall colors. Hop on the Capitol Limited for views on a similar route!

Cardinal_Fall leaves_autumn

Cowboy country meets autumn on the Heartland Flyer

Take a ride through the wild west and take in seasonal views from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City on the Heartland Flyer.

Catch the best views of New England on the Vermonter

As its name suggests, the Vermonter takes riders through maple country in the heart of New England. Find similar views on the Ethan Allen Express, Adirondack, and Maple Leaf routes in the same region!

Vermonter_VT_Fall leaves_autumn

Find the true meaning of fall in New York with the Empire Service

In the city, there aren’t many signs of fall. With service from New York to Niagara Falls, there is no better way to adventure out of the everyday gridlock than with our Empire Service!

Experience fall in the South on the Silver Service

With a route from New York to Miami, the Silver Service will take you through the best views in the South!

Silver Service_Fall leaves_autumn