City of Brotherly Love: Romantic Food Spots

City of Brotherly Love: Romantic Food Spots

Our Amtrak Stories are a series created by special guests sharing their travel experience. In this piece, DC Editor of the blog Eat, Breathe, Sweat Nicolle Lopez shares her experience riding our Northeast Regional trains to Philadelphia for a romantic getaway.

My hubby and I just had our eight year anniversary, and we thought what better way to celebrate than to visit the city of brotherly love. Now, I understand you don’t associate the word “romantic” when you think of Philadelphia, but believe it or not, through research and planning, we made it so!

Amtrak from DC to Philadelphia

We took Amtrak’s Northeast Regional train to get to Philly from DC. The ride was just about two-hours and all-around delightful! Taking the train was a no-brainer. The fare was much more affordable than flying and the ride is way more comfortable than a bus. Plus, it’s a two-hour scenic route through Maryland and Delaware. And! We arrived right in the heart of Philly.

Philadelphia Romantic Food Spots

After a great ride to the city, we took the Philly by storm and tried some of their best eateries! Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite joints we visited:

Reading Terminal Market

This one is a REAL food market. Not your new hipster pop-up that’s all shiny and minimalistic. This is an original with all kinds of foods and markets. We tried out a delicious burger spot called Hunger Burger that served Lobster Mac.  Baked goods at the market were also off the charts:  we had a mix between a cinnamon bun and a palmier the size of my head called a Pig’s Ear. It took us Two days to eat through it. This place is a great choice for picky eaters – you and your partner don’t have to compromise when it comes to eating out on a romantic getaway.

Fork Restaurant

Fancy, schmancy spot serving contemporary American fare. Every plate we had was phenomenal. While in stock, I highly recommend the lamb tartare. These guys also had such minute attention to detail. The service was excellent. They also gave us some free rosé and dessert for our anniversary. Definitely recommend them for celebrations!

The Love

New American joint in Philly. On paper, this spot is beautifully decorated and has a romantic, intimate appearance. However, once you walk in, the atmosphere is the opposite. The place is packed and buzzing with energy. Our food and drinks were delicious, and the service was also very attentive. They take a big focus on produce, so try any of their greens, and you’ll be blown away.

Café y Chocolate 

For brunch, we took a trip to South Philly to visit a family-owned Mexican restaurant. The place was so cute with its decorations. They had cards and board games available at every table too. We got to have authentic Mexican-style brunch at very large portions. Bravo, South Philly!