A Guide to Snowy Amtrak Routes

A Guide to Snowy Amtrak Routes

Some people like cold weather, and others don’t. But there’s one thing we can all agree on: Mother Nature’s wintry wonderland looks beautiful from inside a warm Amtrak Observation Car.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous routes that will take you past snowy embankments, icy rivers, and pine trees with wildlife frolicking through, look no further. We break down our best Instagram-worthy wintry trips that can take you to over 500 destinations and infinite stories.

Amtrak Snow Vacation Railroad Tracks

California Zephyr

This route is a fan-favorite, and traverses through incredible places like the Rockies and Lake Tahoe. There’s nothing more magical than seeing the moonlight reflected off the snow as the train winds its way through the same path original settlers took to discover the West. Check out this slideshow of sites to look out for on this historic Amtrak route.


Are you up for an international #AmtrakAdventure? The Adirondack takes you from New York through the frosted Hudson Valley winery region to Canada, where you can check the gorgeous city of Québec, filled with great restaurants and things to do not too far from where we drop you off in Montreal.

Empire Builder

Glacier National Park in the wintertime provides some stunning scenery, as does gliding over the plains of Montana. Wake up in the Cafe Car as the sun rises over icy plains and enjoy some warm coffee.

Lakeshore Limited

Frozen lakes and snowy shores are the main attraction on this route, as the Lakeshore Limited takes you from snowbound Chicago to New York. Enjoy the wintry sights along the way to the Big Apple, then catch a Broadway show and some Serendipity’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.


Nothing says ‘snow’ like Vermont. When prepping for your journey through the Green Mountain State, don’t forget y to pack your ski gear! Bonus: once you get off in Burlington, there’s plenty of treats awaiting you like the Snowflake Chocolate Factory.

Amtrak Snow Vacation Mountain Adventure