New Year’s Resolutions: Train Travel with Amtrak

New Year’s Resolutions: Train Travel with Amtrak

It’s time to start thinking about some New Year’s Resolutions. Take your travel goals to the next level: travel by train with Amtrak!

See the country!Here are a few resolutions:

Travel the Country with Amtrak

Consider traveling across the country in 2019, experience different places and try new food. Think the peaks and plains of the great American West, corkscrewing through the Rockies (literally through them), past the Great Continental Divide, into the red cliffs of Utah, through the plateaus of Nevada, up and around the Sierra Nevadas, and into California…just to name a few of the many experience you can have while traveling in the U.S.

Check out our Empire Builder and California Zephyr train!

Try Something New: Overnight Travel with Amtrak

Amtrak travel options can be wide and copious. Dedicate yourself to trying something new like falling asleep in a private room to the soundtrack of a chugging engine better yet, arrive somewhere you’ve never been before.


Give yourself a chance to get off the grid and have an authentic adventure through the American wilderness. It is less about getting somewhere, and more about being somewhere. And that somewhere can offer some fantastic views along the way. Unplugging from the online world can seem a bit daunting. But as the hours pass, we are sure you will feel grateful for every vista seen and story heard.

Go now!